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b▓le and repeated twice in a low▓ puzzled tone: ‘Why should Nessim● choose a Jewess’ Balthazar● (1958) Part I Chapter 5 So ▓much have I reconstructed from the labyrinth of ▓notes which Balthazar has lef▓t me.‘To imagine is not nece●ssarily to invent’ he says elsewhere, ●‘nor dares one make a claim for ▓omniscience in interpreting people’s actio▓ns.One assumes that they have grow●n out of their feelings as leaves gro●w out of a branch.But can one▓ work backwards, deducing the one ●form from the other Perhaps a wr●iter co

uld if he were sufficiently brave to ●cement these apparent gaps i●n our actions with interpretations of hi▓s own to bind them together Wh●at was going on in Nessim’s mind This is re▓ally a question for you to put to yours▓elf.‘Or in Justine’s for that ●